AppleSox Owner Oglesby Excited for 2019 Season To Begin


Wednesday afternoon, AppleSox owner Jose Oglesby appeared on The Don West Show and chatted about many of the exciting events surrounding the AppleSox. With Opening Day quickly approaching on June 3, Oglesby detailed some of the exciting 2019 initiatives as well as some of the giveways the team has in stores this season.

Oglesby, who purchased the AppleSox in May, 2018, also detailed how he never planned to become a baseball owner. However, he’s thankful that the opportunity and arose and has found the AppleSox to be a perfect fit for him.

“It was the farthest thing from my mind until a year ago. I knew I wasn’t going to buy a major-league team or even a Single-A team, but this was the right opportunity for me. The AppleSox are all about the purity of the sport. We’re trying to help the players become stars in the sport.”

The two also chatted about 2015 AppleSox alum Keston Hiura, who debuted for the Brewers earlier this week. Hiura became the 13th player in AppleSox to play in an MLB game.

“It’s not just the AppleSox, it’s the whole West Coast League,” Oglesby said. “I was looking at the list of all the 13 AppleSox players who have played in MLB and the thing I noticed is that it takes them four or five years after they play here to make their major-league debut. The kids you’re going to see this year, look for them in a few years.”

In addition to talking about their love of baseball and its history, Oglesby and West discussed how important host families are to the AppleSox.

“The host families,” Oglesby said, “are the heart of the operation because they are the ones that make it possible.”

If you’re interested in becoming an AppleSox host parent, contact the AppleSox at 509-665-6900 or email

Listen to the full discussion between Oglesby and West below.